How I got started...

I've been a singer ever since I was a kid. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to sing. I wanted to be Elvis (my dad was a HUGE Elvis Presley fan. He practically raised me on his music and early TV appearances). As I got older, I could never find someone to accompany me, and let me just sing. So I learned how to play guitar. I'd heard (and seen in the movies) that girls liked guitars... and they really seemed to like guitar players. Of course, what I didn't realize, was that those guitar players were famous, and had much more self-confidence than I did (or still do, to be 100% honest). So, my quest to meet girls kinda failed. After a few years of playing, (and seeing some improvement) I thought to myself, "Hmmm... Maybe I could get paid for this!". So I started going to local Open Mic nights and learning how to perform in front of an audience (there are recordings... No, I won't be sharing them). I slowly built up my show, and learned enough songs to put together one full set. And then it finally happened: I was asked to play a showcase! FOR MONEY! So on May 26, 1993, at a small bar in Easton, PA, I made my professional debut. My friends came out (all 3 or 4 of them) to support me. I was one of three acts on the bill, and I was paid the princely sum of $25.00. I was in heaven! And, I was terrible. But, I was finally a "real" professional musician.

(The first live photo May 26, 1993 - Porter's Pub in Easton, PA)

Since that first gig almost 25 years ago, I've played all over the country. I've opened for national acts. I've met some of my musical heroes. I've released a few albums worth of cover material (maybe one day an original album will happen...) and I've had a few songs included on some internationally released Tribute/Compilation albums. I've also been in out of several bands (that's going to be talked about more in my next post). I've had major highs, and I've had soul-crushing lows in my career. But there's one thing that has always remained constant over the past 25 years:

I love and live for the performance. To interact with my audience. To feel and feed off the give and take of energy is the greatest feeling in the world. When it feels effortless... when it's pure love...
That's the best part feeling of all. That is heaven.

Until next time... Thanks for reading, listening, and being here!


  1. Very cool to learn a little bit more about your beginnings, Scott. Looking forward to future installments.


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